Steelers, Raiders, Patriots all have Antonio Brown dead money on books

Ali Thanawalla

What Antonio Brown has managed to do over the last six months is truly impressive.

Brown has taken a blowtorch to his NFL career and run himself off of three different teams.

But all three of those teams -- the Steelers, Raiders and Patriots -- will feel the effects of Brown for the next few seasons.

ESPN's Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler pointed out that Brown's signing bonus from each stop counts as dead money against the team's salary caps despite the fact that he is no longer employed by any of the teams.

Pittsburgh came out of this situation in the worst shape. Brown is eating up $21,120,000 of its 2019 salary cap.

That's, you know, a lot.

According to ESPN, Brown will end up costing the Raiders less than $2 million over the next two years. This season, he will count as $1,193,627 towards their cap, while next year, he'll eat up $666,667.

For the moment, the Patriots have $5,558,333 in dead money this season and $4,500,000 next season. But Graziano and Fowler wrote that New England could attempt to get that money back, thus removing the dead money from their cap.

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Pittsburgh, Oakland and New England all thought they had rid themselves of the troubled Brown. But for the next few years, they will all have reminders of a situation gone horribly wrong.

Steelers, Raiders, Patriots all have Antonio Brown dead money on books originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area