Stellantis Raid Turns Into Mad Max Rodeo As Cops Detain Nine Thieves

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Truck thieves scramble to escape with stolen vehicles.

Car thieves have taken the world by storm over the last few years with their increasingly brave antics leading to some pretty shocking stories. Everything from heists to carjackings where no one's safety, other than that of the criminal, was ever considered. However, recently a full-on raid was discovered and a total of nine suspects were detained when police caught wind of a crime that would rival that of any car heist we've seen to date. The craziest part has got to be that the vehicles didn't even make it to the dealer before nearly being stolen and you might be shocked to find out exactly what they were after.

First of all, the robbery was said to go down at the Detroit Stellantis shipping yard where a myriad of Mopar vehicles was going to be showing up. Everything from chargers and challengers to trucks and SUVs would be ripe for the picking with a special emphasis on the utility automobiles which many Americans call their favorite, the RAM 1500 Truck. Once on the scene, many of the thieves ran to their respective trucks and began driving off but there was one major problem with their plan. Essentially, through some miracle, the police were already there and waiting for something to happen.

Very quickly the cops began to surround the carjackers and were eventually successful in their efforts to prevent the thieves from taking the trucks. As much as we all think that the cops can track criminals or hunt down thieves like bloodhounds, they are still human. Had they not done what they did, multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of RAM trucks would have been lost and the precedent would remain for thieves to continue plundering to their hearts’ content. While it's hard to say from one story, this may spell an end to the lawlessness and crime which has proven so harmful to communities across the nation. Only time will tell but, until it becomes clearer, a thank you and good job are for the police involved.

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