Step inside Tokyo's 'Stranger Things' cafe

STORY: Step inside this Stranger Things-inspired diner in Tokyo

Fans of the Netflix show can nosh on 'Demogorgon pasta'

or waffles craved by Eleven

The pop-up cafe was created in partnership with restaurant chain Pronto

(Natsuko Yamashita, Communications manager of Pronto)

"There are photo spots where customers can feel like they are actually in the TV show. We replicated the iconic scenes that appeared in the series so that people can take photos there. They can look around in the cafe while enjoying a drink. It's a space like that."

'Stranger Things' has remained one of Netflix's top 10 shows in Japan

since the release of its fourth season in May 2022

(Aila Cooke, Customer)

"Well I really like it because it's one of my favorite TV shows to watch. The Demogorgon kind of freaked me out. It looks really real, and I really like that the bicycle place, like the lightning actually lights up."