Stephen A. Smith loved the 'Saturday Night Live' parody of ESPN's 'First Take'

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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith appreciates good parody. When "Saturday Night Live" tweeted out an unaired sketch making fun of Smith's show "First Take," Smith gave the skit his full support.

Smith shared the clip on Twitter, calling it "hilarious." He particularly enjoyed Kenan Thompson's portrayal of Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.

Thompson played the role well, but Chris Redd's portrayal of Smith stole the show.

The skit does its job of lampooning "First Take," and every other argumentative sports show on the air. In addition to the spot-on impressions, the skit makes fun of everyone yelling and tackles the ridiculous nature of some of the debates on those programs. Would you be surprised if Stephen A. Smith actually debated the merits of apples versus oranges? Probably not.

Irvin also enjoyed the skit. He shared the clip on Twitter with three crying while laughing emoji.

Dedicated "Saturday Night Live" viewers might be wondering how they missed this particular clip. The skit was cut from Saturday's episode, which was hosted by former cast member Will Forte. Either Saturday's episode was fantastic, or someone made a big mistake cutting this skit.

Stephen A. Smith with ESPN.
Stephen A. Smith loved a parody of "First Take." (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
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