Stephen Colbert to Demoralized Fox News Reporters: ‘You Can Quit’


A lot of smack was being talked about Donald Trump and his cronies by the higher-ups at Fox News in the months following his failed 2020 re-election bid, but only behind his back.

On the air, the network kept things MAGA as usual, but the revelations by Dominion’s latest court filings has many current Fox News employees worried the document dump could “sully the reputation of the network’s ‘straight news’ journalists.”

Which gave Stephen Colbert a pretty big chuckle: “That’s like the people at Taco Bell worrying that the Cool Ranch and Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos is going to ‘further sully the reputation’ of their ass-blasting salt pockets,” Colbert said Thursday.

Several Fox News employees spoke with The Daily Beast about the current temperature at the network (it’s icy), and the Late Show host shared some of the choicest quotes with viewers on Thursday night. When one employee referred to the revelation of hundreds of texts and other once-private communications between network executives as “soul-crushing,” Colbert thought it was “nice to know that someone there still has a soul. Because we know so few of them have a brain.”

“Another Fox employee commented on the low morale, saying: ‘It’s just a really bad time to be working here,’” Colbert explained. “Yes, unlike the golden age of their journalism: warning us about woke LEGOs and longing for Mr. Potato Head’s lost penis.”

But really, Colbert had a pretty solid piece of advice for those employees who are clearly pained by the fact that their superiors were repeatedly mocking Trump amongst each other—with Tucker Carlson even stating that he hated Trump “passionately”—but using their airtime to play into yhe Big Lie.

“You know what you can do if it’s a really bad time to be working at Fox News? You can quit,” Colbert shared. “It’s legal. You’re not handcuffed to a radiator in the basement. Unless you are.”

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