What Stephen Jackson told Draymond Green after Jordan Poole fight

Stack Jack reveals what he told Draymond after Poole fight originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

There has been no shortage of opinions since the video of Draymond Green and Jordan Poole's altercation was leaked Friday and former Warrior Stephen Jackson is making his thoughts known.

On Friday, Jackson took to Instagram to explain what he said to Green following the incident.

"Me and Draymond had a little conversation about something else last night, about some other issue we had, and to clear stuff up between me and him," Jackson started. "But I told him, he got to go to Poole and fix that, if he wants to fix it.

"Jordan Poole doesn't benefit from this at all and there's no reason to sucker punch a young fella, you know what I'm saying?"

Jackson added that while arguments and disagreements happen in practice, punches should never be thrown. He continues to say the onus is now on Green to make amends, and that no one wins from the 32-year-old's lapse in judgment.

"I told Draymond last night he got to fix that situation with Poole, you know what I'm saying? Because he doesn't benefit from it at all," Jackson said. "He got to be the big brother and go over there and tell little brother, 'Look, I spazzed out, you know what I'm saying?'

"But you never hit the little homies like that in practice, or your teammates, man."

In the end, while Jackson understands that disagreements do happen behind closed doors, he makes it a point to say that it should have never escalated to the point of punches being thrown.

"You never do that, I've never done that bro. Never don't that," Jackson said. "And you get to it, it happens sometimes, you all get into it."

"But the young fella, no, you don't do that."

Prior to the video being posted by TMZ Sports on Friday, Warriors general manager and president of basketball operations Bob Myers told reporters Thursday that Green apologized to Poole and the team for his conduct.

Myers also added that Green's discipline will be handled "internally" and that he doesn't expect the four-time champion to miss any games.

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Warriors fans were hopeful that a few days of space and solitude might do Green and Poole some good in terms of patching up their relationship.

However, with the video leaking and the entire sports landscape talking about the altercation, it remains to be seen how Golden State will deal with the loud noises.

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