Stephen King has a very bleak prediction for how Trump's presidency will affect the U.S.

Sam Haysom

It's been another odd couple of days for Donald Trump.

There's been that strange situation with him wanting to buy Greenland; whispers of a possible recession that have led to more angry tweets about the media; and as questions about the impact of his trade war with China ramped up, he stood in front of a group of reporters on Wednesday and said: "I am the chosen one."

Strange, strange times.

Last night, Stephen King — who once basically predicted the rise of Donald Trump in a 1979 novel — took to Twitter to share a fairly bleak forecast for the future.

"He has besmirched and devalued the American Presidency so severely it will take at least a generation to recover."

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King has tweeted countless criticisms of Trump over the past few years, but that has to be one of his most damning sentences so far.

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