Stephen King's 'The Stand' to get four instalments

Stephen King's 'The Stand' was first published in 1978, with an extended edition released in 1990.

The Josh Boone adaptation of Stephen King's "The Stand" has been given the go-ahead to become a four-part movie franchise rather than a single 3-hour epic.

Having written up a compressed, non-linear version of the story for Warner Bros. with the aim of creating a "single three-hour movie," Boone told the Hollywood Babble-On podcast (via SlashFilm) that a four-movie project was now in the works.

Warner Bros. came back to Boone and proposed a multiple film franchise, he said, to which the director emphatically agreed; "I loved my script, and I was willing to drop it in an instant because you're able to do an even truer version that way."

"I can't tell you anything about how we're going to do them, or what's going to be in which movie. I'll just say we are going to do four movies, and we're going to do 'The Stand' at the highest level you can do it at, with a cast that's going to blow people's minds," he said, returning to the familiar theme of an all-star ensemble.

Production is provisionally set to begin in Spring 2015. Matthew McConaughey and Nat Wolff have previously been linked with the new adaptation.