Stephen Miller: Kamala Harris demands ‘white supremacist’ Trump adviser be fired in letter signed by dozens of senators

Chris Riotta
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Kamala Harris has led a group of 27 US senators in demanding the immediate removal of Stephen Miller from his role as a White House senior adviser to Donald Trump, following accusations he holds white supremacist views.

The California Democrat, who recently quit her bid for the White House in 2020, wrote to the administration in a letter on Monday: “We write to demand the immediate removal of Stephen Miller as your advisor.”

Mr Miller, who serves as one of the president’s top advisers on immigration, came under fire after a trove of his leaked emails were reported on by the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s Hatewatch. The emails from 2015 to 2016 appeared to show Mr Miller — who then-served as an aide to former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions — promoting xenophobic, anti-immigrant and white nationalist viewpoints to a reporter for the right-wing website Breitbart, seemingly in an attempt to get her to write about those sentiments.

“Simply put, Mr Miller is unfit to serve in any capacity at the White House, let alone as a senior policy adviser”, read the letter, a copy of which was obtained and first reported by HuffPost.

At just 34-years-old, Mr Miller has played a crucial role in shaping many of the administration’s most controversial hard-line immigration policies, from a ban on several Muslim-majority countries implemented during the beginning of Mr Trump’s presidency, to its efforts to build a wall across the entirety of the US-Mexico border.

The letter goes on to cite several specific instances in the emails that showcased his apparent support for racist views, and said his “demonstrable white national ideology has been directly translated” into the White House agenda.

“The Muslim ban targeted individuals of colour and caused chaos at U.S. airports around the country, wreaking havoc on the lives of countless individuals and families,” the letter read.

“The family separation policy tore children from their families, resulting in widely reported mistreatment and human rights abuses of immigrants in detention facilities nationwide”, it continued. “The rescission of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has thrown the lives of hundreds of thousands of DREAMers into chaos and instability.”

The letter comes after more than 100 House Democrats signed onto a letter a week after the emails were released demanding Mr Miller’s removal from the White House.

That letter, which was supported by dozens of civil rights groups and prominent politicians like New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said: “Beyond the disturbing emails that Mr. Miller wrote, is the clear conclusion that he brought his dedication to white nationalism with him into your administration’s discriminatory immigration policies.”

Ms Harris was joined on Monday by 26 senators from across the country, including four presidential candidates, according to Huffpost: Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren.

“Each and every one of these policies has a disproportionate adverse impact on communities of colour and our country”, she wrote. “Each and every one of them aligns with the white nationalist ideals espoused by Mr Miller in his e-mails.”

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