Steve Nash on Nets’ recent moves: ‘It’s not like we did anything illegal’

The Brooklyn Nets head coach addressed the recent signings of Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, plus the chatter about the Eastern Conference favorites being this season's 'villain' in the NBA.

Video Transcript

- I don't know what to tell you. We traded for James Harden. We gave up some really good young players and draft picks-- tons of them. We got two guys in the buy-out market that are big names and had great careers and are still able to contribute.

It's not like we did anything illegal. So I don't know what we're supposed to do. Not trying to add to our roster and just So part of me was that that's the idea of this league is to try to put together the best team you can put together, and that doesn't guarantee you anything.

Like, my experience the Lakers. When I joined the Lakers, little did I know that I was an All-Star the year before I came here and broke my knee my first or second game with the Lakers. My body's never been the same.

- Obviously you say you're not paying attention to it, but one word that a lot of people are using to describe this team is the villain word, right? They're saying that you guys are this year's villain. Do you agree with that assessment just in terms of how you guys have been able to acquire so much talent when other teams haven't been afforded such an opportunity? And do you think that's possibly something that you guys can feed off of this season?

- I don't even know like, what that means like, "villains" in the context of it. know Erin just told me that Blake's comment this morning was, hold on, everyone told me I sucked for the last two years. Now everyone's saying I'm the villain because I'm here? So I mean, a lot of it is just narratives and people love to talk, talk hoops, and barbershop, and whatever it may be. So that stuff is not something that I really partake in. I'm kind of busy with the nuts and bolts in here.