Steven Ross Glass ID'd As Man Killed By Police After Shooting Plastic Pellets At Officers

A 35-year-old Lakewood man who threw rocks at his neighbor's door, barricaded himself inside his apartment and fired plastic pellets from a replica weapon at police officers was ultimately killed by a single shot from a SWAT agent's weapon Thursday morning. He was identified by police Friday.

Video Transcript

- We now know the name of the suspect killed in yesterday morning's shootout in Lakewood. The SWAT team shot and killed 35-year-old, Steven Glass. They responded to a call of a man throwing rocks at his neighbor's door.

When police arrived, they say, Glass had barricaded himself inside his apartment, made verbal threats, and then fired an airsoft gun at police. Investigators say, he was then spotted with a sawed off shotgun. when what a SWAT agent fired a single shot. Glass died at the hospital.