Stewart pushes bill to aid vets ill from burn pits

Activist and comedian Jon Stewart joined U.S. veterans and lawmakers to push legislation to provide presumptive benefits to U.S. troops suffering respiratory and other illnesses, they claim after being exposed to toxic burn pits. (April 13)

Video Transcript

JON STEWART: For those that have fought and defended and served this country, for them to come home and have to fight against the very government that they volunteered to defend is immoral. It's unconscionable and it's easily remedied. Man we've still got Vietnam War veterans fighting to get diseases covered for Agent Orange. This has to stop.

MARK JACKSON: My doctor says I have the bones of an 80-year-old woman. I'm 43-years-old. And like any cantankerous old woman, I have nothing to lose in speaking my mind. I have nothing to lose in demanding action. I have nothing to lose in seeing the promises and vague platitudes for the vacuous drivel they are.

SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: No one should have to spend years fighting for their lives, jumping through hoops, hiring doctors, hiring lawyers, paying for experts. It's not their job. They did their job. They served our country.

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO: Because this is the price of sending men and women to dangerous places, to do dangerous things, and in uncertain environments. And I hope that we will act. This is happening now and for too many it's already too late. And so I hope that common sense will prevail.