I still have no idea who Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is. Does anyone?

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs announces that Google is building a $600 million data center in Mesa during a news conference at The Studios at Mesa City Center on Sept. 6, 2023, in Mesa.
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Perception is reality, and there is a lot of perception to go around with the Hobbs administration.

Maybe Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs wants it that way, because we don’t know who she is.

Arizona voters rejected her Republican opponent Kari Lake because, frankly, Lake is a wing nut, and most MAGA wing nuts lost in the 2022 midterms. Hobbs got into office because of Lake’s extreme right-wing politics.

What has Hobbs accomplished so far, other than a trip to Taiwan?

I have no idea.

During her campaign she didn’t debate. She said she had a plan for just about everything under the sun, from removing sales taxes to improving the border.

What action have we seen? A record number of vetoes with nothing to show for it.

Apparently, her people are amateurs at vetting administrators. Very few have made it through the Republican Senate.

Did she not anticipate that?

Who can stop the fight: Between Hobbs and the Senate?

If I remember correctly, Hobbs was a social worker and not a very good Secretary of State. Need I say more?

Not sure what the state will eventually think of Gov. Katie Hobbs. Again, who is she? What has she done?

More importantly, what’s up with all her plans?

Dale and Donna Holland, Phoenix

Listen to us, not extremists

If our representatives in Congress and the White House would just listen to actual people, not the extreme elements in their parties, they could do their job and pass a budget.

Republicans are insisting on more border security.

NEWS FLASH, Democrats: Most of America wants more border security! We don’t like uncontrolled immigration.

Democrats are insisting on continued aid to Ukraine.

NEWS FLASH, Republicans: Most of America wants continued aid to Ukraine!

If Ukraine falls, watch what happens to the rest of Eastern Europe, and then, maybe, Western Europe.

How do you people not know these things? Or do you just not care?

Get your act together. Listen for a change. And do what is right for the American people, not what will win you points with the least rational members of your respective parties.

Laurie Velasquez, Phoenix

AI can do better than writers

My theory is that artificial intelligence would do a better job writing than human beings.

My reasoning for this is that artificial intelligence has algorithms that can draw from every word written by humankind.

For instance, search engines look for and identify people who like detective TV shows.

Producers using AI algorithms buy that information and then draw words from the entire library of words devoted to mysteries.

The result is that the script will appeal and be more impactful to the target audience.

Fact is, no number of humans can do any of that.

Rick Kamel, Phoenix

Freedom Caucus has it backward

What would Ronald Reagan or Jack Kennedy think?

Our Republican representatives who call themselves the Freedom Caucus have aligned themselves with the move to curtail our support of Ukraine.

We have lost all of our representatives who used to act in the tradition of the Greatest Generation. That generation knew what appeasement meant.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” has become “Mr. Putin, buddy, move the Iron Curtain over to western Ukraine.”

“Ich bin eine Berliner” has become “America First” isolationism.

When I studied about communism in the Catholic schools, one of the key points was how the party enlisted students in their efforts to report teachers and parents who did not toe the party line.

In Arizona, we have a conservative leader in the Department of Education with a hotline to report on teachers. Which of the many religious groups running “private schools” with assistance from vouchers will merit a check on what they are teaching our children?

Answer, none.

Enough already.

Curtis Cardine, Gilbert

Democrats like McCain as he is

Democrats should take John McCain 100% or not at all, according to columnist Phil Boas.

If this was the rule it would make bipartisanship impossible.

Democrats have long appreciated Sen. McCain’s occasional “mavericky” heresies from Republican orthodoxy, whether heartfelt or politically opportunistic.

Support for campaign finance legislation (McCain/Feingold) or his opposition to the Bush tax cuts, protecting Obamacare and his condemnation of torture got him more praise from Ds than Rs.

He made some friends among Democratic colleagues, while a lot of Republican politicians couldn’t stand him.

Democrats always respected his POW service, unlike a number of Republicans who cast doubt on his integrity and Donald “I like people who weren’t captured” Trump.

Since his death almost everyone, including Democrats, speaks kindly in his memory.

But John McCain was a Republican, so Democrats disagreed with him on most issues, including gun control, Iraq, health care, abortion and (usually) tax breaks for the wealthy.

Decent people, such as President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, Gov. Katie Hobbs and U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, can put aside those differences for the moment and honor McCain’s positive legacy.

A remembrance is neither the time nor the place for re-litigating disputes.

It’s possible, in both directions, to respect people you have honest disagreements with even while they’re still alive.

Andrew March, Phoenix

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Katie Hobbs was elected governor, but what has she done since?