Still No Water For Some North Texans

Nicole Nielsen reports.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Nine days ago, the first of two winter storms started impacting Texas. And for some in North Texas, nine days since they have had running water. Most frustrating of all, they still don't know when their water might come back. Good evening, I'm Doug Dunbar. Streaming live, of course, on CBSN DFW, our Nicole Nielsen begins our coverage tonight talking to people about how they're coping and how they're receiving the help that they need right now.

NICOLE NIELSEN: At apartment complexes around the Metroplex--

- And I have to turn-- can you see it? I have it turned on to the full max. There's nothing coming out.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Many are facing a week or more without water. Sloan Gaude in Garland is on day nine. She's resorted to body wipes for showers.

SLOAN GAUDE: Because the apartment is giving us two bottles of water per family. That's what they've told us so far.

NICOLE NIELSEN: She's one of about 2,400 Garland renters at 35 apartment complexes without water. Today, the city passed out nearly 21,000 bottles of water.

RICH AUBIN: Well, I've let folks know that if they have a need at their complex for bottled water, to let us know so that we can get it delivered out to their complex.

NICOLE NIELSEN: The problem boils down to mainly burst pipes and plumbing issues forcing water to be shut off. The same factors affecting at least eight complexes in Arlington. Monica Smothers using pool water to flush the toilet.

MONICA SMOTHERS: It's been crazy. I feel like I'm living in some third-world country.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Arlington has opened up sites to help distribute water. The red dots showing water container-filling sites. In blue, places to get a bottle. The city says they're pushing to get renters their water back within days.

CRAIG CUMMINGS: We're pushing these folks as quickly as we can. But some of these repairs, you just have to understand, they take a while to get done.

NICOLE NIELSEN: The issues all come as plumbers are already slammed with business, and many booked months in advance. Now, the lack of resources and the amount of damage are making the wait for water feel that much longer.

MONICA SMOTHERS: I know it's not the complex's fault that the pipes burst, but now you guys are responsible to get this water back on.

NICOLE NIELSEN: In Arlington, Nicole Nielsen, CBS 11 News.