Stillwater Gymnastics Team Stands Tall

Norman Seawright III shares their season's story (1:22). WCCO 4 News At 5 - March 20, 2021

Video Transcript

- And as the gymnastics Sectional meet continues all across the state, Stillwater has been quietly on a roll. Regardless of the outcome this weekend, they're proud of the work they've done together.

Stillwater Gymnastics enters the sectional meet undefeated.

NORAH BATES: This year it was really nice to just bounce back. We started out pretty strong but we've definitely improved so much throughout the season. We almost increased our score by nine points, which is pretty good for an unheard of in gymnastics.

HEATHER WIEHE: It takes a lot of talent and hard work, but it also takes a lot of just excitement to be here and happy to do what you're doing.

- The girls are adamant, not one of them is to be treated like a superstar.

ERICA STANTON: Oh, it's awesome. I feel like there's a whole lot of teamwork on this team and stuff, and it's fun to see us all work together and everything.

- Because it takes all of them to create the success they've had.

LIBERTY QUAST: I think we have a lot of depth on the team and we can depend on each other when someone has a bad routine, and so we can just pick it up when we need to.

- And it will take all of them to bring home a title.


NORAH BATES: My first year, I was on the team that went to state. And then last year, we didn't. So it's really special to me that we get to have a chance to go back and we're actually in the running to have a chance to go back at state, and we have a chance to take the championship.