Stimulus Checks: Is Your State Giving Out Cash This Fall?

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There have been three rounds of stimulus checks issued since the onset of the pandemic, but another round is sorely needed by many. States are rising to the occasion, however, not every state is meeting the demand for more money, even as inflation continues to punish consumers.

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Here’s a look at the states that are issuing a fourth round of stimulus to residents.


Qualifying residents will receive up to $1,050 between late Oct. 2022 and mid-Jan. 2023.


Through the Colorado Cash Back Bill, eligible Colorado residents can get a tax rebate of $750 for individuals ($1,500 for joint filers). Taxpayers will receive the rebate between Sept. 30, 2022, and Jan. 31, 2023, depending on when they filed.


The Delaware Relief Rebate Program grants a one-time $300 payment to qualifying residents. Checks are going out this summer.


One-time payments of $450 are being sent to families — but only to those that include caregivers, foster parents or on state assistance programs.


Eligible taxpayers in Georgia can get $250 (individual), $375 (head of household) and $500 (married couples and joint filers) in cost-of-living tax refunds.


Every eligible resident in Hawaii will get $100 or $300 (dependent on income, tax filing status, etc.).


Eligible folks in Idaho can expect a tax rebate of either $75 or 12% (whichever figure is greater) of their 2020 Idaho state taxes.


Qualifying Illinois residents are saving 1% sales tax on groceries through June 30, 2023, and enjoying a reduction in sales tax (from 6.25% to 1.25%) from Aug. 5-14. They’ll also get income tax rebates of between $50 and $100, depending on their filing status.


Eligible residents of Indiana can nab a $125 one-time taxpayer refund.


Maine residents are seeing the highest stimulus payment: Qualifying single filers and couples will get $850 and $1,700, respectively. Checks started going out in June.


It’s not yet known how much residents of Massachusetts will get in their fourth stimulus payment, but they’ll likely get something thanks to a 1986 Massachusetts law. Gov. Charlie Baker has suggested a 7% rebate against 2021 state income taxes, but this has not yet been solidified.

New Jersey

Eligible New Jersey residents will receive checks up to $500 as part of the Middle Class Tax Rebate.

New Mexico

Qualifying taxpayers in New Mexico get a rebate of up to $500.


Oregon residents that were eligible for the state’s one-time assistance checks received them in July. They were in the amount of $600.

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South Carolina

Eligible residents of South Carolina are due to receive $800 in tax rebates.


This coming fall, qualifying Virginians will receive up to $500 in tax rebates.

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