Stimulus payment stolen by scammers, Houston woman claims

Beware! As the latest round of stimulus payments are being issued, scammers are more active than ever.

Video Transcript

JENNIFER GRAY: I started getting suspicious, but I-- you know, I was looking at the phone and was like, but it says Capital One.

- We're calling from Capital One to let you know there's been some fraudulent activity on your account. That's what Jennifer Gray said she was told when she answered the phone to who she thought was her bank, and why wouldn't it be? It showed up as her bank on her caller ID.

JENNIFER GRAY: But, you know, again, you think they're trying to stop something from happening, and it was-- I was stressed out, and my bank account got zeroed out real quick when they got what they wanted.

- She lost her most recent check and her stimulus check.

- We're seeing a lot of people contacting us saying that they are getting these types of calls.

- The Houston BBB says the scam works in two ways. They're calling from what seems like a trusted number, and they scare you by saying someone is trying to use your account.

- You can just let it go to voicemail, and then go back to your bank statements and contact your bank that way.

- Some red flags to look out for.

- They shouldn't be asking you for things like your password, your PIN number, all of that very private, sensitive information. They should already have that. They also shouldn't ask for your Social Security number.

- We reached out to Capital One but have not heard back. Gray says she just wanted to get the word out.

JENNIFER GRAY: It's embarrassing, but I don't want it happening to anyone else. Like I said, the fact that it was Capital One, that's what is the worst thing.