Stimulus Payments Coming To CT: Here's How Much You Could Get

Vincent Salzo

CONNECTICUT — On Sunday, President Donald Trump signed the newest stimulus bill into law. The $900 billion aid package includes many benefits for Connecticut residents, including extended unemployment benefits and a second round of stimulus checks.

Most Americans will receive $600 from the federal government — half of what was sent out earlier this year. The payments will be available to people who made less than $75,000 individually and $150,000 as a couple in 2019. After those thresholds, the payments decrease, and won't be available for anyone who earned more than $99,000. Adults also get $600 for each child they claim as a dependent.

The personal finance website Grow created a calculator to help you figure out how much you will receive from the stimulus bill. Check out the stimulus calculator here.

Gov. Ned Lamont said payments should go out within a week.

The bill also extends federal unemployment benefits, providing an extra $300 a week and extending coverage another 11 weeks through at least March 14. The extended benefits include self-employed and gig workers.

Like the direct payments, the extended unemployment benefits are half of what people got under the previous stimulus package. Connecticut’s unemployment rate was estimated at 8.2 percent in November, according to the state Department of Labor.

Connecticut will receive more than $4 billion in direct pandemic relief from the federal government. During a news conference Monday, Lamont said the money will be distributed as follows:

  • $1.6 billion for stimulus checks

  • $745.5 million for education

  • $695.1 million for unemployment assistance

  • $311.9 million for vaccines

  • $237 million for rental assistance

  • $210 million for urban transit

  • $124.8 million for highways

  • $66.9 million for child care assistance

  • $41.4 million to funeral benefits

  • $8.9 million to an airport improvement program

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This article originally appeared on the Across Connecticut Patch