Stimulus plan stalls as senators debate unemployment aid

Senate Democrats hit another hurdle as they try to get President Biden's relief bill over the finish line. The latest debate is over unemployment aid. Nikole Killion has the latest.

Video Transcript

NORAH O'DONNELL: Tonight, debate on the president's $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan has stalled in the Senate with Democrats trying to nail down votes to pass it. Republicans are united against it, saying the economy is already recovering and that today's report that 379,000 jobs were created last month is proof, they say, that we don't need all that spending. CBS's Nikole Killion reports from the Capitol.

NIKOLE KILLION: Senate Democrats are facing new hurdles tonight over a key element in the president's COVID relief package-- unemployment benefits. They pitched a proposal to lower weekly payments to $300 a week through early October to woo moderates like West Virginia's Joe Manchin, except he wasn't immediately convinced, stalling debate on the bill.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: We've done nothing for four hours and 20 minutes to break somebody's political arm.

NIKOLE KILLION: At the White House, President Biden said there was no time to wait.

JOE BIDEN: We can't afford one step forward and two steps backwards. People need the help now.

NIKOLE KILLION: People like Stacy Rodriguez of Ohio, who needs the $1,400 check included in the bill to pay for her daughter's medical expenses.

STACY RODRIGUEZ: We're barely scraping by. So if that means I don't eat, then I don't eat.

NIKOLE KILLION: What would your message be to lawmakers right now?

STACY RODRIGUEZ: My response would be to please keep in mind families like mine that really are depending on the stimulus package. I mean, to some people, $1,400 doesn't seem like a lot, but to others, it's making ends meet.

NIKOLE KILLION: Democrats still hope to pass the bill this weekend.

CHUCK SCHUMER: But we are going to power through and finish this bill, however long it takes.

NIKOLE KILLION: A White House official tells CBS News President Biden supports a compromise on unemployment benefits and he and his team are in close contact with senators to find a resolution. Norah.

NORAH O'DONNELL: Nikole Killion, thank you.