Stockton Teen Shot While Driving

The victim's mother, Cyrinthia Adams, said he was shot four times and had just left his house to go to the gym.

Video Transcript

- Now to a 14-year-old boy shot as he's driving and crashes the car into a Stockton home. Tonight, that boy is recovering and the search is on for the shooter.

- CBS13's Velena Jones is live in Stockton with what the teenager's family is saying tonight. Velena.

VELENA JONES: Yeah, well the family is shocked and terrified to know knowing that these people are still out on the loose. Now the shooting happened just yards away from the victim's home. Tonight the family wants to know why.

CYRINTHIA ADAMS: He just said mom, I've been shot, I've been shot.

VELENA JONES: That frightening phone call just minutes after Cyrinthia Adams 14-year-old son left his Stockton home to go to the gym.

CYRINTHIA ADAMS: I heard the gunshot but the feeling I felt in my stomach- I just, I knew.

VELENA JONES: Her son was driving on Acapulco Way when Stockton police say two underage boys approached the car on foot and started shooting. The victim sped away, crashing near a house. Adams says her son was shot multiple times.

CYRINTHIA ADAMS: I'm not in this area by choice I'm here because this is where I could afford at. And I thought by having him, gym, and being inside the house was the safety that I could do as a parent.

VELENA JONES: The victim's family members say the young teen keeps to himself and is not involved in any gangs. They are now left wondering how he became a target.

CHARMETRA URSSERY: It can happen to anybody, you know what I mean. Like that's what's [? cold ?] killing me for a kid that don't bother nobody, straight homebody, trying to lose weight, going to the gym, what was the problem?

VELENA JONES: The family is blaming the neighborhood for the violence.

CHARMETRA URSSERY: These hoodlums is out here wanting to make a name for themselves and do stuff. And so that's what it is at the end of the day.

VELENA JONES: As her son lays in a hospital bed recovering, Adams says she no longer feels safe in her own home.

CYRINTHIA ADAMS: So what do a person do that scared to sleep. I just paid rent. Do I pray to God they don't finish me off? Where do-- you tell me whether-- I want to know, what I do?

VELENA JONES: Now police have not released any identifying features of those two suspects that they're looking for. And you might wonder why a 14-year-old was driving. His mother just recently was released from the hospital and tells me that she wanted him to be able to get to the gym and get healthy and allows him to drive.