Stony Brook women's team heads to first ever NCAA tournament

The Seawolves punched their ticket with a win over Maine in the championship game of the America East Conference Women's Basketball Tournament last week.

Video Transcript

- Well, it's been a long time coming for the Stony Brook women's basketball team. They are headed to the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history. Our Sam Ryan caught up with the ladies as they headed off to San Antonio.


SAM RYAN: A sunrise sendoff, well deserved fanfare on the campus as the Stony Brook women's basketball team departed this morning for San Antonio and their first trip to the NCAA tournament in school history.

CAROLINE MCCOMBS: Yeah, it's just special for all the women that have come before and helped to build this program. We're getting so much support right now.

HAILEY ZEISE: I was talking to my mom on the phone, I was like, this is my dream come true. I'm doing everything I've always wanted to, and it's just been so exciting.

SAM RYAN: The Seawolves punched their ticket with a win over Maine in the America East championship game last week. This, while facing the challenges of playing through a pandemic.

MCKENZIE BUSHEE: It's amazing, it's just proving how great of a team we are, how much we've worked, and how hard we've worked, and I've been here for four years, this is my senior year. What a better way to end the year.

CAROLINE MCCOMBS: For us to be able to get back to the top, it's been an amazing ride. There's so many different experiences and feelings that we've had throughout this, but we've stayed the course. Our players have really stuck together through everything that we've gone through.

SAM RYAN: The Seawolves had won 22 in a row at one point last season. They came within one game of making it to the NCAA tournament before the pandemic shut it down, especially tough on the seniors, like Hailey Zeise, who did have a remaining year of eligibility and decided to return this year.

HAILEY ZEISE: I'm just really grateful for it, just to be able to come back and put in the work and really cap off what we've done here.