'Stop Asian Hate' rallies held in Southern California and nationwide

Demonstrators again held rallies in Southern California and nationwide to condemn the recent spike in hate crimes against people of Asian descent in the U.S.

Video Transcript

LETICIA JUAREZ: Well, good morning to you, John and Rachel. Yes, I'm here in San Bernardino at Pacific High School. And this is where Purulent Land Foundation is operating its mobile pantry today. It's been doing so for almost three years.

And you can imagine with the global pandemic, demand is up for them. But they say with recent events, they also want to show that their community is much a part of the fabric of what is contributing to the success of the United States in America.

Now here in Hollywood last night, you can take a look at just some of the things that are going on in terms of trying to highlight what is going on in the Asian-American community. Traffic was brought to a standstill as demonstrators held a candlelight vigil for the eight people killed in Atlanta. Six of those victims were Asian-American women.

Now, the group is taking a stand against anti-racism and anti-Asian racism that is, and violence. Earlier in the San Gabriel Valley, residents held a rally marching through the streets to protest hatred against the AAPI community and attacks against Asian-Americans they say have increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

STEVE KANG: We want to tell the world and to this our community that enough is enough. We are marching in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the AAPI community, as well as our allies in the African-American and Latinx communities as well.

MIGUEL SANTIAGO: We're really trying to educate our community to stop it. It's not allowed. It's not tolerated. And we've got a responsibility to do all we can to stop it.

LETICIA JUAREZ: And later today in Koreatown, there will be another march in solidarity through the streets there. That begins at 11 o'clock. Now as for the mobile food pantry here in San Bernardino, they will be distributing about two boxes per family, along with other household items, including shoes for those that come through. They're expecting to serve between 600 to 900 folks here in the community of San Bernardino this morning. That starts at 9:00.