Stop using these snorkels sold at Costco — they pose a drowning risk, officials say

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A snorkel sold exclusively at Costco has been recalled after officials say it creates a drowning risk.

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled snorkels,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a Sept. 22 recall announcement.

About 76,000 Oceanic Adult Dry Top Snorkels were recalled after officials found that “ the bottom purge valve on the recalled snorkels can leak, allowing unexpected water entry, posing a drowning hazard.”

Oceanic received 13 reports of leaking snorkels and one injury where the user tripped and received “minor cuts” after the snorkel started leaking.

Oceanic has recently become aware that the snorkel included in the 2021 Oceanic snorkeling set and sold through Costco, may not deliver all the performances expected. In some instances, the snorkel’s lower purge valve may let in water during use,” the company said on its recall site. “The issue described only concerns the snorkel in the set. The quality of the snorkeling mask and fins, however, delivers the performance you can expect from Oceanic.”

The diving equipment company also recommends users stop using the snorkel if it lets in “an unusual amount of water.”

The snorkels are white and gray with blue accents and is about 16.5 inches tall, according to the announcement.

The recalled snorkels all have one of the following batch numbers above the gray tubing: 2038, 2039, 2040, 2041, 2042, 2043, 2044, 2045, 2046, 2047, 2048, 2049, 2050, 2051, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2108, 2109, 2110, 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114 and 2115.

They were sold nationwide at Costco Wholesale Warehouses and online at between February and July for about $40.

If you have one of these snorkels, Oceanic says it will send you a free replacement, shipping costs included.

To file your claim, visit and then destroy the snorkel by cutting its tube, making it unusable.

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