Store owners sell art, supplies for the love of it

Nov. 5—LOUISVILLE — Robert Girard and Greg Wiley opened St. Lawrence Art Gallery and Supply at 14500 Route 37 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since opening, they've expanded their offerings to include basically anything an artist could need — and they're looking to add even more.

"We sell art and different types of crafted items from people around the north country," Mr. Girard said.

"We also carry art supplies and a large range of canvases for oil, watercolor, and acrylic paints. We have a large selection of items for kids such as crafting, kits, and paint-by-numbers, and we also do handcrafted frames and mats."

"I can also custom stretch canvas for different sizes," he added.

Mr. Girard and Mr. Wiley both do artwork themselves, which they sell at the store, such as painting, sculpting, and woodwork.

"We've probably sold around 45 of my own paintings since we've been open, and many of Greg's, too," Mr. Girard said.

He tends to gravitate toward landscape and fantasy for inspiration.

"I find inspiration a lot of times from pictures I see in magazines. I've done a lot of landscapes, but also some fantasy paintings, and I've also done portraits for people."

He accepts commissions, too, for those interested.

They hope to sell more work from local artists, whatever their medium may be.

"We welcome all artists and crafters in the area to come and display their work here, and we're looking for diversity, so we've got everything from artwork and paintings to place mats and quilts, ceramics, stone sculpture, and we're looking to expand upon that."

"There's a lot of gifted people around here, and this gives them an outlet to get their art out there and possibly make a little money," he said.

Emphasis on a "little" money, given that we are talking about the arts, after all.

"To be perfectly honest, a lot of people who do artwork don't make a lot of money," Mr. Girard reflected. "You have to do it because you love it."

For more information, reach them at 315-705-4012.