Store Shelves Shouldn't Be Sparse Much Longer

Ken Molestina reports on efforts to get the shelves stocked.

Video Transcript

- Grocers across the area say all these picked-over shelves we've seen and limited supply should start to replenish now. North Texas is thawing out. Truckers can get back on the road. Ken Molestina with an update from one of the larger companies in our region.

KEN MOLESTINA: Well, certainly when you look around you can tell that roads are beginning to thaw out, and that is welcome news for both grocers and customers who have been sitting at home for a week now without enough heat and food.

CHRISTY LARA: Customers are going to start to see improvements today, tomorrow, Sunday, through the weekend for sure.

KEN MOLESTINA: Christy Lara is the spokeswoman for Albertsons and Tom Thumb supermarkets. She says their receiving centers have been working nonstop to get more products out to their stores. And with road conditions improving--

CHRISTY LARA: We've got trucks on the road now coming to the stores.

KEN MOLESTINA: She says the shipments are well in excess of what they would normally send to stores, and they include the most essential items that customers are demanding during these times.

CHRISTY LARA: There are a lot of high-demand items that we're focused on, such as bottled water, milk, bread, frozen pizza. If you can believe it, it's one of those high-demand items. And so we're working hard to get the shelves restocked.

KEN MOLESTINA: Grocers say the supply chain headaches have certainly been a challenge this week, but so has the entire year of COVID, which continues to force them to look for new and aggressive ways to meet the needs of our communities.

Moving forward, what have we learned about our people here in North Texas and your industry's ability to react? I mean, what did we glean from all of this?

CHRISTY LARA: Well, I would like to say resilience. You know, both Texans and the grocery industry have shown such incredible resilience through everything that we've been through. We really don't see any long-term outages. This is all a temporary issue that we're working very fast to resolve.

KEN MOLESTINA: All right, folks so something to keep an eye out for now. I'm being told that the grocery store shelves are starting to look a lot different tonight and, of course, into the weekend. And by next week, everything should be back to normal. I'm Ken Molestina, CBS 11 News.