Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Location: San Clemente del Tuyu, Argentina

Twelve Magellanic penguins returned to the wild

after being rescued and rehabilitated by the Mundo Marino Foundation

Location: Cabo de Hornos, Chile

Chilean swimmer Barbara Hernandez broke two world records

by swimming between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

(Barbara Hernandez, Swimmer) “I think this Guinness world record and, of course, being the first swimmer in the world that performs such a feat is something very nice, but I take it with high responsibility since it’s a privilege to swim in Chile and show Chile’s waters to the world. It also allows me to talk about climate change, about taking care of our environment, and above all, it’s a way to shed light on how other countrymen enhance our homeland in these places.”

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisian drift racer Nour Bendhia

is accelerating past gender stereotypes

She is the first female Tunisian to compete in an international competition

Location: Oceanside, California

A bungalow made famous by the original ‘Top Gun’ movie

has opened its door to the public as a pie shop

(Ben Fairchild, Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort) "You get to relive that magical, quintessential southern California moment, where Tom Cruise is coming up the coast in his Kawasaki 900 and there's a replica right outside the house that you can jump on and really relive that moment of the coastal breezes going through your hair, which is a lot of fun. We're located adjacent to the historic Oceanside wooden pier, so if you look back at the original 'Top Gun', you can see the same scenes with this new house which has new life in 2022."