Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

These wearable fans are helping animals cool down during heatwaves in Japan

[Mami Kumamoto / Dog owner] "It's impossible to walk my dogs during the daytime in such hot weather. I usually use dry ice packs to keep the dogs cool. But I think it's easier to walk my dogs if we have this fan."

This ‘torta’ sandwich has broken two world records

At 242.7 feet, it’s the longest one ever made

It was also assembled at record speed of 2:09 minutes

Ketchup and mayo-flavored ice creams, anyone?

(Hannah Wearne / Retail associate) “So this is the ice cream project created by Anya Hindmarsh, so this is all about elevating the everyday flavours. So we’ve taken British store cupboard classics and turned them into ice creams, so we have flavours like Heinz Baked Beans, mayo, ketchup, we also have Quaker Rolled Oats, PG Tips, all of the fun things that you usually get in your store cupboard.”

Parts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef showed the largest amount of coral cover in 36 years

but the reef remains vulnerable to increasingly frequent mass bleaching

Source: Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS)