Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Boxing champion Tyson Fury swapped his boxing gloves for a microphone

remaking Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' for charity

Courtesy: Warner Music

(Tyson Fury, Boxer)

"I have been very vocal about the mental health struggle and it has been widely printed from highs and lows, ups and downs. So I have tried my upmost best to keep talking about it as much as I can and keep trying to smash the stigma I suppose."

Filipino athlete Ryan Alonzo skipped his way into two Guinness World Records

He performed 40,980 double-under skips in 12 hours

and completed 3,731 consecutive crossovers

Location: Manila, Philippines

Robotics is helping to save the ancient Malaysian tradition of shadow puppetry

This modern animatronic show uses 3D-printed characters

controlled by robotics instead of people

Location: Penang, Malaysia

(Ahnaf Hakimi Ahmad, Creator of the animatronic shadow puppet)

“This is one of the ways I try to save our heritage of shadow puppetry. Nowadays, the culture of shadow puppetry is forgotten. So, with these initiatives, shadow puppet performances can be seen more often, and performed whenever and wherever.”

Zoo animals in Belgium got into the Halloween spirit

by playing with carved pumpkins filled with treats

Location: Antwerp, Belgium