Storm Christoph news – live: Flood warnings in Manchester, Wales, Yorkshire as hundreds evacuated from homes

Eleanor Sly
·1 min read
<p>There are over 200 flood warnings in place across the UK </p> (Getty Images)

There are over 200 flood warnings in place across the UK

(Getty Images)

Widespread flooding across England and Wales has led to hundreds of people having been evacuated from their homes overnight, with “danger to life” warnings in place.

People living in parts of Manchester, North Wales and Merseyside have been affected and around 2,000 homes were evacuated.

There are currently over 200 flood warnings in place for the UK. Several of them are for severe flooding with a “danger to life.”

Yellow weather warnings have also been issued for rain, snow and ice in parts of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the northwest of England. Meanwhile, The Environment Agency has said that many rivers are at “dangerously high levels.”

Prime minister Boris Johnson announced that the government is "totally prepared" for the crisis. People have also been told they may leave their homes in an emergency, even with Covid rules in place.