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Storm Watch: Snow Piling Up In New York City

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CBS2's Alice Gainer has an update on the snowstorm from Hell's Kitchen.

Video Transcript

ALICE GAINER: I'm Alice Gainer along 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. We've seen a combination of snow and also a wintry mix. It's been switching back and forth pretty much all day long here. You can see it's slushy out here on the roadways. That's because crews have been coming along all day and clearing away the wintry mix and the snow. We did catch up with some folks out here along 9th Avenue. And though some of us may be sick of the snow, we actually found some people who said they had never seen snow before and they were pretty excited about it.

Another storm, more shoveling.

- It's light, it's light, but I'm more worried about the black ice. So a lot of those slip and fall issues are big in the city. So want to make sure the black ice is nice and clean, you know, put some salt on it and make sure nobody falls.

ALICE GAINER: Stephanie is trying to prevent that too.

Are you sick of it yet?

- It's winter. It's New York. We've been lucky so far. And now we're paying for it. And, you know, it's the workout I never asked for.

ALICE GAINER: We didn't seem to find anyone out here who minded yet more accumulation this winter.

- I love it.

ALICE GAINER: You love it?

- Love it.

ALICE GAINER: Not tired of it?

- Not tired of it, we're not in Texas.

ALICE GAINER: Dave was armed with his camera.

- I think the first, you know, few hours, it's really pretty. It's kind of clean and pristine. And then after that, opportunity is gone. It's all slushy and disgusting and muddy.

ALICE GAINER: Also loving the weather--

- We're actually doing a carriage ride in Central Park. So I'm pretty excited about that.

ALICE GAINER: --these visitors from Florida, who believe it or not, say they've never seen any snow before.

- Never, it's amazing. We love it. We're enjoying it.

ALICE GAINER: What do you think of the snow?

- Good.

- I want to make a snow angel.

ALICE GAINER: Have you ever seen snow before?

- No, no.

ALICE GAINER: What do you think?

- It's amazing, cold.

- It's freezing.

ALICE GAINER: Is it everything you thought it would be?

- It's wetter than I thought it would be.

ALICE GAINER: Oh, yeah, it is cold out here. Again, we've got a combination. At times, thick snowflakes, at other times like right now, a wintry mix that's been going back and forth all day. You're reminded, if you don't have to be out on the roads, stay inside. Let the plows be out there doing their job and what they need to do.

We also want to point out that alternate side parking is suspended through Saturday. We're going to continue to have updates for you throughout the afternoon here on CBSN New York. In Hell's Kitchen, Alice Gainer, CBS 2 News.