Storms have cleared, wonderful weekend weather starts now

Get ready for amazing weather this weekend! Temperatures will be warm, but low humidity will keep it comfortable.

Video Transcript

KEVIN ROTH: Good Saturday morning, everyone. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth. Beautiful weather on the way, not just for today, but all the way through the weekend. This storm system cleared through overnight, that is moving well to the east, so no issues for us. Some early cloud cover-- that will clear out. Notice those winds shifting out of the north, that's as a cold front comes through. It's going to knock down some of that mugginess that you're feeling very early this morning, bring in that drier air, clear out any of the patchy fog, any of the moisture.

And then the sunshine, it sticks around all day long, all day Sunday as well. Late Sunday those winds shift more out of the south and east and you'll notice a return of some cloud cover as we head into next week. But all in all, boy, no complaints about this weekend whatsoever. Despite the fact that it's a warm and muggy start, we've got the high today at 84 degrees and the humidity dropping throughout the day-- that will allow a nice cool start on Sunday morning-- a low of 57.

Again, a high of 83 with low humidity. Really picture perfect. I mentioned the clouds returning on Monday, setting the stage here as we bring back in that moisture for better rain chances into next week. 30% chance of rain on Wednesday, 40% for Thursday as it looks like our next cold front is poised to move through the area. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth, and that's a look at your one minute weather update.