Update: As storms move away, cold air rushes in

Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the weather ahead.

Video Transcript

MIKE HADDAD: Hello, everyone, meteorologist Mike Haddad here in the Storm Watch 9 weather center. Quite a potent cold front racing across the state today. Now is off shore, and with it, the heavy downpours and thunderstorms pulling away from New Hampshire. But temperatures falling so much so that we have snow, mostly in parts of northern New Hampshire for this Wednesday night. Look at this pool of cold air rushing in on a busy wind out of the west-northwest tonight into tomorrow and tomorrow night.

So the snow accumulates a coating to 2 or 3 inches in the Valleys, 3, 4, or 5 inches in the highest of elevations in the White Mountains into the Great North Woods. It'll be windy during the overnight stretch into the day on Thursday, some gusts over 40. And look at our temperatures starting off the day-- low to mid 20s north, lower half of the 30s near the coastline, and not much of a recovery during the daylight hours of your Thursday.

Clouds, partial sun, there is a chance of a snow shower in southern New Hampshire. A better shot of persistent snow in northern zones. And then clouds tend to move out later tomorrow night. Winds still busy for a bright, windy, and milder Friday with temperatures back into the mid upper 40s north, to the mid to upper 50s in southern New Hampshire.

The start of the weekend is looking great, by the way. We're going to see some wind on average between about 20 and 30 going to the west-southwest driving temperatures up. Here's a breakdown in the Queen City. During the day on Thursday we start off near 30, end up in the mid 40s, winds of 20 to 40 miles per hour.