Stormy Daniels mocks MAGA critics and vows to testify against Trump post indictment: ‘I will not back down’

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Porn star Stormy Daniels has given a combative live-stream to her subscribers on OnlyFans, vowing to testify against Donald Trump if called upon to do so.

In a broadcast on Wednesday night via the popular subscription app, Ms Daniels said she has extensive records to back up her claims that she was paid “hush money” in 2016 to keep quiet about Mr Trump’s affair with her years earlier.

That alleged payment is now being scrutinised by prosecutors in New York City, who are reportedly preparing criminal charges against the former president. Mr Trump denies any wrongdoing and denies having an affair with Ms Daniels.

“I am not afraid and I will not back down,” said the 44-year-old actor and director. “If what he did was illegal, he should be held accountable. I don’t think that anybody should be untouchable just because they have money or because they’re in power.”

She also shot back at Trump supporters who have criticised and harassed her on social media, often making sexist comments such as calling her a “w****” (a label she embraces).

“One of the things I get attacked for the most is about my vagina – saying it must be ‘loose’,” said Ms Daniels. “Do Trump supporters not know how vaginas work?

“So if you’re married and your wife f***s you once or twice a week – you can f*** the same dick a hundred times, but if you f*** a hundred [penises] once, it changes it?

“And if you have a lot of sex as a woman you get loose, but if you have a lot of sex as a man – wouldn’t your penis get whittled down?”

She added that many of the people attacking her also interacted positively with another porn star who supports Donald Trump, which she called “a f***ed up double standard”.

“I have pretty thick skin. I’m in the porn industry. You can’t really embarass me... but when you attack me about my age, or my looks, or my sexuality, my weight, it makes me very sad.

“Not for myself, obviously, but I would guarantee everyone one of those people who say that – well, they all have a mom, a grandmother, a sister, duaghters. How do you think they would feel if they see that?”

At other points, Ms Daniels addressed criticism that she had exploited the furore over Mr Trump for her own commercial gain, saying it had derailed and overshadowed an accomplished career.