Stormy Daniels to Michael Cohen: ‘I’m proud of you for finally beginning to tell the truth’

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Adult film actress Stormy Daniels on Wednesday penned an open letter to Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, during his testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill.

“Michael, I’m proud of you for finally beginning to tell the truth about what you did, and trying to repair some of the harm you have caused,” Daniels wrote in a statement she relayed on Twitter. “I can hear the pain and regret you feel for betraying your family and your country. My heart goes out to you and your family.”

During his hearing, Cohen testified that that Trump is a “racist,” a “con man” and a “cheat” who knew about the $130,000 hush-money payment Cohen made on the eve of the 2016 presidential election to silence Daniels, who says she had an affair with Trump.

Cohen said he was directed by the president to lie to reporters about the payments, and to say Trump had no knowledge of them.

Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen. (Photos: Markus Schreiber/AP - Patsy Lynch/MediaPunch /IPX/Getty Images)
Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen (Photos: Markus Schreiber/AP — Patsy Lynch/MediaPunch /IPX/Getty Images)

The former fixer, who pleaded guilty to charges involving campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress, was originally supposed to testify on Feb. 8 but asked for a delay because of what he said were “threats against his family” by Trump and his associates. Cohen told lawmakers Wednesday that he is now afraid to walk down the street with his family.

“You spoke about how the president and his attorney put you and your family in danger by calling you a liar and a rat and disparaging you in public,” Daniels wrote. “I understand your fear, Michael. I have a family too. Do you believe now that when you and the president called me a liar, when you were his attorney and you insulted me, threatened to bankrupt me and worse, that you put me and my family in danger? I remember the fear you feel. I still feel it.”

She added: “Thank you for having the courage, at long last to begin to tell the truth. I hope that someday soon your family and mine can both leave this nightmare behind.”

Daniels says she had a sexual affair with Trump in 2006. At the time, Trump had been married to his wife, Melania, for less than two years.

In his testimony, Cohen said he lied to the first lady, Melania Trump, about Trump’s knowledge of the hush-money arrangement.

“Not only did I lie to the American people, I lied to the first lady,” Cohen said. “When the president called me, and I was sitting in a car with a friend of mine, and he had me to speak to her and explain to the first lady ... I don’t feel good about any of this.”


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