Stormzy tells Louis Theroux he ‘doesn’t really’ date: ‘I’ll wait for God to present me with my woman’

Stormzy has opened up about his dating woes, explaining to Louis Theroux why he “doesn’t really” date.

For the first episode of Theroux’s new BBC Two project, Louis Theroux Interviews, the award-winning documentarian sat down with the 28-year-old British rapper to speak about his personal and professional life.

In an exclusive clip provided by BBC ahead of the full release, Theroux complimented Stormzy for being one of the most “eligible people in the UK, just talented, successful, attractive. You’re the total package, you tick all the boxes”.

When asked how he dates, Stormzy laughingly replied: “I don’t really do it.”

“Anytime I’ve had a date, we’ve gotta go through a back door at the restaurant,” he said.

“Because people are gonna blow the flipping poor girl’s life,” he continued. “People in the restaurant want to try and film, and I always say that’s not fair on the person I’m with because they don’t want to f***ing be in f***ing tabloid magazines.”

Theroux further asked if there was a solution to his issue, with Stormzy responding: “I’m still trying to figure it out. I always say I’ll just wait for God innit. I’ll just wait for God to present me with my situation and my woman and my family.”

Louis Theroux and Stormzy on ‘Louis Theroux Interviews’ (BBC Two)
Louis Theroux and Stormzy on ‘Louis Theroux Interviews’ (BBC Two)

He added: “I’m all out of ideas. Even the idea of dating for me is a new thing. I didn’t date before I met my ex.”

BBC Two’s new series will see Theroux conduct interviews with “famous faces to explore their lives and careers in personal and intimate settings”, according to the press release.

While a premiere date is TBA, Louis Theroux Interviews is expected to air later this year.