Stowaway boy's mom: Son has 'strong affections'

SHEDDER REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia (AP) — Tears stream down the face of Ubah Mohammed Abdule as she talks about the dangerous stow-away plane trip her son took from California to Hawaii in order to reach her on the other side of the world.

The Somali woman's home is a small tent made of thin sticks and raggedy blankets in the Shedder Refugee Camp is in eastern Ethiopia.

Abdule told the Associated Press that she knows her 15-year-old son has strong affections for her and she believes he has always wanted to see her, but that the boy's father won't let him.

The son, Yahya, had been arguing at home. On April 20 he hopped a fence at San Jose International Airport and climbed into a wheel well of a Hawaii-bound jetliner. He survived the trip.