Stranded? Tesla will now tow your Model S or Model X 500 miles if it’s under warranty

Ronan Glon

Consumers in the market for a high-end electric sedan might want to consider pulling the trigger a little sooner than expected. Tesla stores all across the nation have allegedly been warning prospective buyers that the Model S is just a few weeks away from getting a higher base price.

Posting on the Tesla Motors Club forum, several shoppers report that they’ve been told to order a car before the end of March in order to lock in a lower price. More specific details haven’t been posted yet, and it’s too early to tell how much of an increase we should expect, or precisely when the more expensive S will arrive. Currently, the entry-level Model S 70D carries a base price of $75,000, before incentives and a mandatory $1,200 destination charge are factored in, while the range-topping P90D starts at $108,000.

Some forum members speculate that the price increase will be accompanied by a mid-cycle facelift that will give the S a new front fascia inspired by the one found on the recently introduced Model X crossover, among other visual tweaks. Others believe the more expensive model that stores are referring to is simply the P100D, whose existence was revealed by a hacker a couple of weeks ago. The range-topping model is said to boast a 100kWh battery pack that stores enough juice to power the S for over 300 miles on a single charge.

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Unsurprisingly, Tesla is remaining tight-lipped about what the future holds for the Model S. We expect to learn more next week when the California-based firm unveils the hotly-anticipated Model 3 during an event held in the Los Angeles area. The 3 Series-sized 3 will carry a base price of $35,000 before incentives are taken into account. It will go on sale a few hours before the event, but the first deliveries aren’t scheduled to start until late 2017.

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Tesla Motors has increased the range of its roadside assistance program from 50 to 500 miles. Effective immediately, the generous — and long overdue — increase was made to give current and future Tesla drivers extra peace of mind.

Tesla’s roadside assistance service is free for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, if the car becomes inoperable due to a problem that’s covered under warranty. The basic warranty covers issues with the battery pack, with the electric motor(s), and with the components that make up the restraint system, such as the airbags and the seat belts. According to Tesla, owners don’t benefit from 500 miles of free towing if they get stranded by adverse environmental conditions such as hail, acid rain, fire, or water, or by “an act of God.” Flat tires and accidents don’t qualify, either, and owners are limited to a single tow per incident.

500 miles is undeniably better than the 50 that Tesla customers had to live with until recently, but it still falls short of what many other car makers offer. As Autoblog Green accurately points out, Dodge’s roadside assistance program includes towing to the nearest dealership no matter how far away it is. Hyundai’s does too. Mercedes will tow a car back to an authorized dealer for free if the owner chooses to have it repaired there; if not, towing costs $150. New BMWs come with a similar plan that’s good for four years with no mileage restrictions to speak of.

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Tesla drivers only benefit from the 500-mile towing plan if they live in North America, and the company hasn’t announced if it’ll increase the range of its roadside assistance program overseas. Across most of Europe, the California-based firm continues to offer its customers just 50 miles of free towing.

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