Strange metal tower found in Utah desert

Deep in the Mars-like landscape of Utah's red-rock desert, a smooth, tall structure was found during a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep. (Nov. 24)

Video Transcript

NICK STREET: On this particular day, they were working alongside our state partners, the Division of Wildlife Resources, counting desert bighorn sheep in that area. As they were doing their count and flying around, they noticed an object in the southeastern Utah desert amongst the red rock, so they landed the helicopter and went and checked out this, what we now know is a stainless steel monolith, some type of art installation that someone has actually put into the red rock there in that location.

- This is wild.

NICK STREET: I've heard everything from did this fall from the sky and kind of implant itself there? Is it otherworldly? You know, without looking at it close and seeing that there are, in fact, human-made rivets that put this thing together, you could definitely let your imagination run wild.

For all we know, this has been there 40, 50 years, maybe more. And it's-- it's the type of material that doesn't degrade with the elements and it may only be a few years old. Who knows?

Obviously, we don't want people going out there and digging into our red rock on public land and placing stainless steel objects. We take it very serious when things are defaced or painted out in our public lands, and this would be taken as seriously.