Stray Dog Missing Her Nose Rescued After a Year on the Run in Illinois — Now She Needs a Home

Nicholas Rice
·2 min read

Gateway Pet Guardians

An East St. Louis, Illinois pet rescue is looking for a home for their latest addition.

Earlier this week, Gateway Pet Guardians announced that after trying to safely capture a stray dog with a missing nose for nearly a year, the facility was able to rescue her and bring her to safety this week.

"Every time someone reported seeing her on the run we would go out and look, but we could never find her. We knew it was always the same dog based on the description of her missing nose. That's not a common injury for a dog," said Brittany Fleming, the adoption and foster manager for Gateway Pet Guardians.

The shelter's search for the dog ended when Gateway Pet Guardians' community director, Jill Henke, inspected an abandoned house and found a young puppy inside, according to NBC-affiliate KSDK. The outlet detailed that Henke saw the pup's mother, who was missing her nose, from a distance, but the dog would not come close to Henke.

On Wednesday, a group from the rescue set up a humane trap in the abandoned house where Henke had seen the canine hiding.

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According to KSDK, after hours of waiting, the dog finally entered the humane trap.

"Once we brought her back to the shelter, she came out of survival mode and instantly became thankful to be no longer on the streets," Fleming said of the animal, who the shelter has named Kamala. "We really want to thank our foster homes for always stepping up and taking foster pets because this allows us to have open kennels to help dogs like Kamala."

Gateway Pet Guardians shared footage of Kamala's capture and her first warm, welcoming moments at the shelter on their Instagram account.

"A day in the life of a rescue! Kamala (named after our ground-breaking, glass ceiling-shattering, badass of a Vice President) has been eluding capture for almost a year," the post's caption reads. "We've been able to get some of her puppies, but we never leave a mom behind! We couldn't believe it when we checked the trap and she was ACTUALLY in there!! And then she went from scared stray to couch hog in one day. Welcome to the good life, Kamala."

Gateway Pet Guardians is currently looking for a foster home for Kamala, as well as the other shelter pets under their care, so they can continue to help pets in need. Those interested in fostering a pet for Gateway Pet Guardians can visit their website.