Apple and Microsoft events: Live-stream both videos from Yahoo News

Apple and Microsoft events: Live-stream both videos from Yahoo News
Jason Gilbert

Rivals Microsoft and Apple have scheduled their weddings on the same day, as rivals do: On this Monday, June 10th, Microsoft will unveil new information about its forthcoming Xbox One console at 12:30PM ET, while at 1:00 PM ET, Apple will announce major changes to its iOS operating system and perhaps introduce a few new MacBook computers and a new streaming radio service.

It's an event we've been describing internally here at Yahoo News as "Techzilla Day": First of all because we're not very good at puns, and secondly because this is an absolute monster of a day for technology. In addition to the Microsoft and Apple events, we've got Sony, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts all making announcements as well. It's a Murderer's Row of tech companies shaking what they're mama gave them on the largest stage in the world, trying to stand out from one another and win your attention.

Want to attend all of these weddings -- and live-stream all of these events -- at home? We've got you covered. You can watch live video of the Xbox One event and chat with Yahoo editors right here; for Apple, we've got a live chat and live video information for Apple's WWDC event right here. This page will also host video of Sony's PlayStation 4 press conference as well as the Ubisoft and EA events, for the gamers among you.

We hope you'll join us for at least one of these major events here on Yahoo News, on what is one of the biggest days in tech for 2013. We'll be following both Microsoft and Apple as they tussle for your attention: Which party will you attend?