Streaming revolution may bring an even bigger disrupter soon

Nick Monte

The launch of Disney+ (DIS) brings a lot of potential and risks for the entertainment giant. Since the formal announcement of the streaming service last November Disney’s stock has climbed 19%. As the company looks to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Netflix (NFLX), Apple (AAPL) and AT&T (T) – the stock increase may be a signal of how streaming is transforming a number of industries. 

“There are going to be explosive opportunities for investors,” says James McDonald, CEO of investment firm Hercules Investments. Similar to the way streaming changed the way we watch shows and movies at home and on the go, McDonald thinks that another revolution is on the horizon. 

“Artificial intelligence and data visualization [are] going to make streaming interactive,” he said on Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade.” He then asked the question, “When we think about how we shift from sitting to watch a static program that was scheduled at a specific time, now we can access the programing that we want. But what if we can access the programming that we want and interact with it? This is technology, this is artificial intelligence.”

The closest thing to technology like this would be the interactive experiences of a video game, but with much greater potential.

This can open doors to reach consumers in a whole new way. McDonald asks, “What if consumer products and goods could be presented to individuals in real time based on their preferences?”

McDonald gave no specific time when technology like this could be put in place, but it can be a major disrupter to a variety of companies.

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