Street Outlaws No Prep Kings comes to SGMP

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Jul. 9—ADEL — The Discovery Channel TV series Street Outlaws No Prep Kings visited South Georgia Motorsports Park for an event June 24-25.

The TV series had eight separate TV crews filming the event live to be aired at a later date.

No Prep Kings is the newest series in the Street Outlaws franchise. The Street Outlaws will be moving off the street and onto the track. According to the Street Outlaws No Prep website, No Prep means that nothing has been done to the track to help the drivers out. These roads are rough and untested. But in this competition, one race is just a small battle in a much larger war. As the racers battle at tracks across the country, they will earn points depending on how well they perform. Each race win is worth five points, plus just showing you up at each event earns you an initial five. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the true No Prep King.

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