Stretch of Idaho 55 to remain closed into December following rockslide

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Idaho 55 between Smiths Ferry and Round Valley Road will be closed for up to another 10 days because of a rockslide earlier this month.

Construction crews made progress on the road on Sunday, but more work is to be done, the Idaho Transportation Department said in a press release. The department expects the road will remain closed 7-10 more days, depending on weather.

Crews reinforced the rockslide area near the Rainbow Bridge, about 20 miles south of Cascade, and completed construction of a rock structure, approximately 20 feet tall and 400 feet long, to stabilize the base of the slide.

The next step is to remove slide debris, install drainage systems above the rock structure and widen the roadway to two lanes before the winter. The road is heavily traveled during the winter as Boise-area residents head to the McCall and Cascade areas for recreation.

“We have made very good progress and stabilized the slide area,” said Jason Brinkman, ITD engineering manager, in the press release. “Our goal is to finish the work as quickly as possible, while also focusing on both the safety of the construction team and the public once the road reopens.”

Travelers can use U.S. 95 as an alternate route until the highway is reopened.

This latest rockslide was the second to occur near Rainbow Bridge this year. There was one in March on the same stretch of highway.

Both rockslides happened hear a construction project from ITD to expand and improve the road.

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