How to stretch your savings by preparing for your grocery trip

We’re sharing ways you can stretch your savings by preparing for your grocery trip.

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes it just takes a little planning.

With prices peaking, shoppers are on the hunt for savings.

“I’m not happy but what can I do? I just have to adjust and calm down and budget, so I do a budget every month and I allocate how much I need to spend,” said shopper Debbie.

Debbie has the right idea. Ensuring you don’t bust your budget takes a bit of planning ahead.

The first step is to plan out your meals and keep in mind that simple dishes with fewer items will make your groceries go farther.

Then, before making your shopping list, take a look in your pantry. You may already have what you need collecting dust somewhere in the back, and you don’t want to waste cash on unnecessary purchases.

Once your list is done, start to shop around for deals. You can scan through mailers or the stores’ apps to see which store has the best prices for what you need.

For instance, KIRO 7 found at Safeway, a box of Barilla fettuccine cost $1.79. At QFC, the same product was $2.49.

Cosmic Crisp apples had a price difference of $1.50 a pound.

Another tip is to eat before you leave the house to avoid “hunger shopping,” and leave the kids at home so you can stay on track.

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