Strong Winds Cause Minimal Damage In Beechview

Friday's wind caused damages to homes throughout Allegheny County. KDKA's Paul Martino is in Beechview, which is particularly vulnerable to wind damage.

Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: Now, the wind caused damage to homes throughout Allegheny County. Paul Martino is live in one Pittsburgh neighborhood that is particularly vulnerable to wind damage. Paul joins us live from Beachview. Paul?

PAUL MARTINO: Yeah, Stacy, Westfield Street sits high atop a hill here in Beachview. And when the wind roars, they can really feel it up here. Now, most of the damage has been cleared away, but there are telltale signs everywhere.

In the 1500 block of Westfield Street, the windblown siding is coming down. Shingles are missing everywhere. Chris Huth's house escaped damage. He's not sure how.

CHRIS HUTH: It was ripping through here. It must have been moving all these trees left, right, all other directions all day.

PAUL MARTINO: Realtor Bill Dapper was working from his home office when he saw this, his neighbor's awning. It came tumbling down.

BILL DAPPER: And I saw shingles blown off people's roofs, the neighbor's awning blew over. Trashcans blowing, it was pretty crazy.

PAUL MARTINO: Dapper, also known as a handyman, helped his neighbors clean up the damage. While the storm was a nuisance for many in Beachview, it could always be a lot worse.

CHRIS HUTH: It's better than Chicago.

PAUL MARTINO: Actually, it was kind of like the Windy City up here today. Fortunately here in Beachview, the damage was kept to a minimum. Reporting live, Paul Martino, KDKA News.