Student in custody after bringing gun to school at James Monroe High School

Jan. 19—A lockdown at James Monroe High School in Monroe County has been lifted after a student brought a gun to school Thursday morning.

Personnel Director Johnathan McPherson posted that the incident started late Thursday morning when a student at the Monroe County Technical Center (beside James Monroe) was discovered to have a gun.

McPherson said the gun was recovered "on the campus of the Monroe County Technical Center ... Administration immediately initiated and followed all appropriate procedures at the school level, including a 'lock down.'"

"The student is in custody of law enforcement and the situation is being investigated," he said. "All staff and students are safe."

McPherson said the incident "highlights the essential role students and all members of the school community play in school safety. Anyone with pertinent or concerning information should report it immediately to administration or law enforcement. As the school system says time after time, student and staff safety continues to be the most important part of our jobs. While this incident is unquestionably concerning, the school system will continue to be vigilant in ensuring student and staff safety."

McPherson said that possessing a weapon at school is "clearly a violation of law and we have zero tolerance for this act. We expect to see criminal charges in addition to school imposed disciplinary measures. The student involved will be subject to school board policy and appropriate laws that govern weapons on school grounds, which is a zero acceptable possession policy."

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