Student reflects on viral TikTok following MSU shooting

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been nearly one year since Michigan State University junior Marcy Creevy shared an emotional video on TikTok, detailing her experience during the MSU shooting.

“To this day, I still haven’t been able to go through the thousands of messages that I received after, which is amazing,” Creevy said.

It was MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo that inspired her to share the vulnerable account on Feb. 17, 2023.

“His message kind of resonated with everyone in the community. Part of his message was to wear your emotions on your sleeve. If you have a platform, you should use it,” Creevy recalled. “Basically, the night that I heard that I got my journal out. I was like I’m just going to write everything that happened. I decided to put it out and post it on social media. Yes, sure enough, it kind of blew up.”

Creevy never expected to get the response she did. To date, the video has close to 7 million views.

“There were so many messages from people, even like school shooting survivors, that said your video helped me and made me feel like it’s OK to share my story even if it’s hard to relive. I even heard from people that work at police academies, people that do trainings for school shootings they reached out and they asked if they could use my video to help with trainings so even stuff like that. I’m just beyond amazed that my story could reach so many people and help.”

The biggest thing she learned was that everyone’s response to tragedy looks different.

“Some people might completely shut down, some people might freeze, some people might think, ‘ How can I help?’ and all of those reactions are completely OK,” Creevy said.

She also learned the importance of community, specifically the day students returned to campus.

“That day really stuck out to me and made me realize our community is so much stronger than I think,” Creevy reflected. “That was really helpful to just come back to all the love and the warmth and a welcome back from our community. I think that to this day, I won’t ever be able to feel that sense of love and sense of community ever again, so that was pretty awesome.”

Although she expects the one-year anniversary to feel surreal, Creevy has no doubt that the feeling of closeness and strength will be over campus once again.

“There’s definitely never a way to heal from something like this. There is only a way to become stronger and have more strength. I think that’s exactly what our community did. We didn’t fully heal but we did get stronger.”

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