Student, Teacher & Principal Look Back On COVID Crisis Challenges

CBS4's Hank Tester shares the trios perspective.

Video Transcript

- From classroom closures to school on the screen, there's no doubt learning has been tough for everyone this past year.

- After all, it was one year ago this week that local districts closed schools, forcing teachers to think outside the box, principals to pivot, and students and their parents to practice patience and resilience.

- CBS 4's Hank Tester spoke to some of them. He continues our team coverage. All new at 6:00.

- It has been a year, and what a year at Hialeah Gardens Senior High School, grappling with the new normal and the not so normal thanks to COVID-19.

GRACE RAMIREZ: None of us had expected for this to occur, but we were able to adapt to it.

MARITIZA JIMENEZ: Education had to take place, regardless of what was going on in the world. This was completely something that we couldn't control.

VANESSA VALLE: Being told you had to teach from a computer screen was quite an adjustment at start, but in teaching, we've learned to pick up, and go, and make things happen.

- A student, a teacher, the school principal, reflecting back over the year, dealing with school closures, openings, learning from home, learning from home or in school. They paint a picture of making do and support from on high.

- We had a lot of communication coming from our superintendent, ensuring that safety was his priority for all our faculty, staff member, and especially the students.

- They implemented social distancing. There are signs all around the school, directing students to avoid any immediate contact.

- Student, teacher, principal remember when they first heard school was going to be a lot different.

- It was totally an unexpected transition for us to have to shift from being in the building to being fully at home.

- It was a shock at first. I was like, oh, my goodness, what's going on? What happened? At that point, we immediately met with all our teachers. Information and communication was at most.

- Principal and teacher, as they tell it, whether, eventually, back in the classroom or at home in front of a computer, students soldiered on.

- And we could not favor one group over the other. We had to make all that learning take place, regardless of where the student was at any given time.

- We as educators have had to learn to think out of the box, and we have invested much more time than ever before to think creatively and differently to make sure that all our students are getting what they need.

HANK TESTER: All agreed that the teachers were the super heroes in all of this, but credit to the student body. They were resilient and not afraid to pick up and move ahead. I'm Hank Test, CBS 4 News.