Students At DSST: Conservatory Green High Invite Community To Vaccine Clinic

DSST: Conservatory Green High School hosted a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Sunday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- DSST Conservatory Green High School held a covid-19 vaccine clinic today. Today's clinic was focused on serving black indigenous and people of color who face barriers to getting health care. The assistant principal says getting vaccinated is an important way to keep their communities safe, and they're really glad that their school can partner with the community for a better year. next year.

MEGHAN JANCI: Things are going well. It's definitely been a challenging school year for students and families. We have a number of students back in the building, and we're looking forward to finishing the year strong. And then having even more students back in the building next year.

- Staff says today's clinic is also important because colleges are starting to consider requiring a COVID vaccine for the fall. All students ages 16 and up plus family members were eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. Everyone who got a shot today will get their second dose on May 16.