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Students Gather For Sunrise Eclipse In Connecticut

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CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has the countdown from Westport, Connecticut.

Video Transcript

CINDY HSU: That's right, some places could see a ring of fire this morning. A rare sunrise eclipse is about to begin.

CHRIS WRAGGE: Always great to hear from a little Johnny Cash on a morning broadcast, right? CBS 2's Lonnie Quinn woke up extra early for us this morning. He's live from Compo Beach in Westport, Connecticut, where everybody's starting to assemble to see this once-in-a-lifetime event. Hey, Lon.

LONNIE QUINN: I got to tell you guys, it has been like-- you know the movie "The Field of Dreams?" All of a sudden, people and cars are just filing in. I got here, there were, I don't know, maybe three, four cars here. But I mean, take a look. Hey, everybody, say hello to TV Land!

And you know, there's actually somebody I want to bring in here. We have Joe Rao, our expert on all things eclipse. Joe, so we're looking right now. When is it going to-- when do we actually start seeing the sickle, the slice of cantaloupe, as you call it?

JOE RAO: At this moment, depending upon where you are in the tri-state area, Lonnie, the sun may already be above the horizon. The thing that is a problem, not a big problem, is we have high and mid-level clouds out above the horizon. But as you mentioned earlier, this may actually make it more picturesque, to have those wisps of clouds in front of the rising crescent sun.

LONNIE QUINN: I think we're going to be just fine. Now again, we're right there where this is cracking the horizon. I got a little deck trees out there. There's a little deck of trees, but again, I mean, that is sea level, right? I mean, there's the sea, we are on the shore here in Westport, Connecticut.

And where's my teacher? Where's Terri [? Rendy? ?] Oh, no, come here just for a second. I got-- oh, I know. Look, busted her! Come over here for just a second. Terri, OK, so now, Terri Rendy, you are a teacher where?

- Sacks Middle School in New Canaan.

LONNIE QUINN: Where are the New Canaan kids? And what grade do you teach?

- Fifth grade.

LONNIE QUINN: All right. And so many of your kids are out. You guys are all-- you're students? Students, come over here as well. Come here, guys. Now, why did you-- why was it like, hey, I got to get my students up? Why was it so important?

- Because this is very rare. We're studying the moon, we're studying the eclipse, and it's perfect timing.

LONNIE QUINN: And what do you guys think so far? You haven't seen anything yet, but what do you think?

- It looks really cool.

LONNIE QUINN: Come on, really cool for you. And what's your name?

- Neil.

LONNIE QUINN: Neil, would you mind saying hi to-- say hi to Chris and Cindy.

- Hi.

LONNIE QUINN: And there you go. They're saying hello as well. You guys are saying hello, right? Yeah, they are. OK, so guys, what do you think? I mean, this is going to happen again in 2079, 58 years from now, right? What do you think about what's going to take place today? What do you think-- how about you? Give me for a second. What do you think you're going to see?

- I think I'm going to see the sun with the-- like, a--

LONNIE QUINN: What's going to happen, you're right. So it's going to come up looking like-- I love when Joe refers to it as a slice of cantaloupe melon. It's going to break that horizon. We're starting to see it, guys. It's just got to get over that tree level over there. It's going to be-- the show is happening.

We were worried about cloud cover, guys. It looks like the cloud cover is cooperating. A little bit out there makes it more dramatic. The rays from the sun can bounce off of them. We are live right here in Westport, guys. It's happening behind us. It's happening where you are as well. Keep an eyeball on it. You've got about-- Joe, what's your best viewing time? Until when?

JOE RAO: We're hitting the maximum at 5:32, Lonnie. That's about six minutes away. Six, seven minutes away.

LONNIE QUINN: There we go, guys. Again, a few clouds out there right now. But it makes it just that much prettier. Once-in-a-lifetime event, like I said, for me. For all you young kids out there, you get another shot at it. But let's go back to you live in the studio.

CHRIS WRAGGE: All right, Lonnie. We got split-box lines, we got a nice, tight camera on it. It is a beautiful, beautiful shot. And it's so good to see all the kids out there. Say hi to them for us. We'll get back to you in just a couple of moments.